Businesses of all sizes rely on I.T. to some degree, not just in terms of their operating systems but also in phones systems and in the case of retail Point Of Sale systems. If so, they are vulnerable to a potential malicious attack.

The UK Government's '2014 Information Security Breaches Survey' estimated that 81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber breach. With Cyber breaches becoming more common, larger companies often see their suppliers as part of their IT security perimeter and are beginning to request those suppliers having proper cyber security in place.

What Does It Cover?

With greater numbers of insurers offering an insurance solution covers can vary widely from insurer to insurer. Cyber insurance can provide cover in respect of:

How To Manage Your Cyber Risk

As well as insurance, it is important for clients to manage their own cyber risks as a business. This includes:

In the event of a cyber breach, cyber insurance can make the recovery process far easier. Many insurers include crisis containment and technical assistance as part of the insurance policy so in the event of a breach best advice is to get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Not sure if this will ever happen to you? Call our team to learn more on how easy it is for the Cyber criminals - novice or experts - to bring your business to a halt with a click of a button.

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